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About Greyhounds

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets however, when deciding if a greyhound is the right companion for your family it is important to consider and understand the traits and backgrounds of these gentle creatures.

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Hound of the Week

  • Dexter

    This handsome boy came to us through the American Lurcher Project. He has the most unique coloring with a perfect black saddle on his back! Dexter is relaxed indoors and energetic outside. He can be quite silly, loves ear scratches, and has done well adjusting to retired life. He still has great energy outdoors, so walks are fun and curious. Dexter is very comfortable in his crate and loves cheese! He’s very confident with people, however he’s still learning the slippery surfaces like decks and hardwood. This dog is so loving and enjoys keeping people company. Whether it be a snout right in the face, a loving lean on your legs, or a snuggle on the carpet, Dexter will always be by your side. Dexter has a PENDING ADOPTION!



  • September. 08

    Shades of Grey 2019

    The Shades of Grey 2019 wall calendar will soon be available for purchase.  

    This 9 by12 full color, calendar features greyt photos from over 120 NSGA families. The price of the calendar is 20.00.  Last year's calendar sold out quickly so get your 2019 edition at CeleGREYtion on September 8 or place your order for mailing (additional 2.50/calendar) today by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

    Thanks for your continued support!

  • September. 01



    If you are considering adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please review the information provided below before submitting an application. Please review the information on the site regarding our adoption process. Note that as of September 1, 2018, NSGA will no longer place greyhounds and lurchers in homes with children under 3 years of age. 

    Our business is seasonal - we bring in dogs for adoption from April to October.  As the majority of our dogs do come from the states it is not safe to transport them through the winter months.  We are expecting a very limited number of dogs to arrive in September and October of 2018 and we currently have a wait list of families, approved for adoption and waiting on these two transports. We will have very few dogs available to place once we work through our list of current applicants. Although you may see new dogs posted on the website, those dogs will soon be meeting one of our families already approved for adoption and currently on our Wait List. 

    For any applications received after November 1, 2018  it is unlikely that we would be able to place a dog in your home before the spring of 2019.  We would not be doing the phone interviews and home visits until such time that a suitable dog is available.  We ask  that you respect the time commitment made by our volunteers to answer emails, make phone calls and complete home visits.  If you are not willing to wait for a suitable dog to be available - please don't submit  an application. 

    We also respect the time commitment made by other adoption groups and ask that if you are also working with another group, that you not submit an application to NSGA until such time as you have withdrawn it from the other group.   

  • September. 01


    We will only be hosting a very limited number of meet and greets for the remainder of 2018.

    The majority of our dogs come from the US and with the end of the driving season approaching, and families currently on a wait list for greyhounds, a number of planned meet and greets have been cancelled.  If you are considering adoption and want to spend some time with greyhounds to see if they are a good fit for you, please contact us via email and we will arrange for you to meet with one of our families.  

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