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The Diarrhea busting diet

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A dog’s body is an energy system in which he takes in food and water, processes them through the digestive tract and then excretes what he doesn’t need.  When things aren’t quite processing as they should, the result is diarrhea.  It is important to determine what is causing the diarrhea but it is also important to get the diarrhea stopped to prevent the greyhound from becoming dehydrated.

The Diarrhea Busting Diet of regular RAW ground beef, and white rice will help you get your greyhound’s system back on track.

Prepare the mixture using 2 part raw hamburger to 1 part cooked rice.  Mix the hamburger and rice while rice is warm and once mixed store in the refrigerator.

First Feeding

The first meal is usually an evening meal – feed ½ of the portion that the dog would normally eat.

First Full Day

Feed using the same portions as you would with regular food.  The diarrhea does not ease after one full day of eating the hamburger and rice mix.  If it does not ease after one full day, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

Second Full Day

Feed using the same portions as you would with regular food.

Third Full Day

It is time to start gradually reintroducing kibble by mixing in 1 part kibble to 3 parts of the hamburger/rice mix.   Feed using the same portions as you would with regular food.

Fourth Full Day

Mix equal parts of kibble and the hamburger/rice mix. Feed using the same portions as you would with regular food.

Fifth Full Day

Mix three parts of kibble to one part of the hamburger/rice mix. Feed using the same portions as you would with regular food.
By the sixth day of feeding, the dog should be fully back on his regular food.  If the diarrhea reappears upon reintroduction of the regular food, consider a switch in food. 

  • December. 01

    Angel Tree - Pet Planet, Ranch Market, Strathmore

    Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Pet Planet in Strathmore, all of our dogs in foster care in December received their own Christmas package.  It certainly made Christmas a little more special for each of them.  On behalf of all our foster dogs, thank you Pet Planet, Strathmore.  


  • December. 03


    If you are considering adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please review the information provided below before submitting an application and review the information on the site regarding our adoption process. Note that as of September 1, 2018, NSGA will no longer place greyhounds and lurchers in homes with children under 3 years of age. 

    For any applications received that have cats in the home currently, it is unlikely that we would be able to place a dog in your home before late spring of 2019.  We would not be doing the phone interviews and home visits until such time that a suitable dog is available.  We ask  that you respect the time commitment made by our volunteers to answer emails, make phone calls and complete home visits.  If you are not willing to wait for a suitable dog to be available - please don't submit  an application. 

    We also respect the time commitment made by other adoption groups and ask that if you are also working with another group, that you not submit an application to NSGA until such time as you have withdrawn it from the other group.   

  • February. 20


    Meet and Greets provide a greyt opportunity to meet greyhounds in person and talk to their owners about the joys of adopting a greyhound or lurcher.

    Meet & Greets are hosted by NSGA volunteers who typically bring their own pets along with them. There will not necessarily be "adoptable" dogs at each outing as these events are intended to be a starting point for those considering adoption. You will however, have the chance to meet some lovable hounds, scratch a few ears, and gather information about our organization.

    To see a  complete list of our scheduled meet and greets, click on Read More below  Please be aware that changes to scheduled meet and greets are sometimes necessary and check back here to confirm locations, dates and times.

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