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Sponsored by: Vetting and transport fully sponsored by Ryan Dunbar

Baby is gentle, loving and sensitive. She likes to be around her foster family and will cuddle up on the bed or couch with them. Baby sleeps on a dog bed at night beside her foster parents bed but she would prefer to be in the bed with them! During the day she is good in her crate but needs to be let outside to do her business a couple times before being left for any length of time to prevent accidents. She will enter easily when given a treat. While in her crate she likes to have her toy and bone. She enjoys having a frozen Kong to work on when in her crate for a few hours.

Baby gets along with her foster families big dog, but doesn’t seem interested in playing with him. She would rather get rubs from the people. She likes her toys and food and will let other dogs know they are hers with a growl or bark. She has the confidence to be an only dog.  Baby walks well on a leash and rarely pulls.  She responds well to encouragement and praise when trying new things like the stairs or getting in and out of the car. She rides well in a car and will lay down and relax. She would be the perfect companion for someone with a quiet household and a flexible schedule.

Baby is being fostered in St. Albert, Alberta. 

Additional Info

  • Full Name: Hey Pretty Baby
  • Type: Red Female Brood Momma
  • DOB: August 15, 2013
  • Dogs: Larger
  • Cats: No
  • Children: Yes