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Fuzzy is a sweet young gal. 

Although she is starting to understand retirement a bit better, her kennel is her safe place and she will retreat to it when she feels overwhelmed.  Fuzzy has done well with all humans she has met - including young children. She is still learning about home life and stairs are still a mystery and just a little scary. She is trying hard to understand that not everything in the house is a toy that she can play with or chew on.  She also finds the smells on the kitchen counters interesting and will counter surf but responds quickly to "Get Down". Her house manners have been good, but she does take quite a long time to do her business outside and prefers to have the company of her folks out there with her while she finds just that right spot.

Fuzzy startles at new noises (trucks, cars) while on walks and will sometimes freeze when she hears them.  She will need a canine buddy in her home that she can look to for guidance as she navigates this new world. She seems to enjoy car rides but does not settle quickly, preferring to look out the windows to see where she is going


Fuzzy has a Pending Adoption!

Additional Info

  • Full Name: Coach Fuzzy
  • Type: Brindle Female
  • DOB: August 7, 2017