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Chris Fowlie and Fina Nelson

Chris Fowlie and Fina Nelson

Adoption Coordinators - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Chris and Fina coordinate all the activity in the Saskatoon area, including a walking group, meet and greets and adoptions .

In August of 2011, the world changed. Well, it changed for Fina, Chris, and a young, thin, scared greyhound-mix they adopted from the Saskatoon SPCA. They named this gentle soul Grendel, in honour of the terrifying troll from literature's Beowulf. With love, patience, and a not-so-small supply of paper towel, Grendel blossomed into the confident hound he is today, earning the moniker "Grendel the Brave". Fina and Chris discovered that greyhounds are their breed and helping dogs overcome their challenges is their passion. Their family has grown to include a street-rough cat, Malekith the Accursed, and two greyhound sisters, Aviendha the Beautiful, and Glima the She's-Got-A-Great-Personality.