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We are thrilled to introduce you to Tippy, the inspiration for our Sponsorship Program.

Tippy was surrendered to us by his owners along with his sister, Tequilla Moon. Neither had received regular vet care in the first 9 years of their life and had multiple medical issues to overcome. Tequilla Moon blossomed with good care and was adopted.

Tippy's medical condition was far more dire. Here is his story, as told by foster mom, Lorraine.

Tippy came to me a year and a half ago at 9 years old.  It was clear that his vision was limited. Thanks to another friend Nina, Tippy was seen by an ophthalmologist at Western where it was discovered that there was nothing to be done to restore his sight. He is totally blind due to a congenital defect that affected his retina later in life. In the summer of 2014, he developed glaucoma and it was decided it would be best to remove his eyes.

It does not prevent him from enjoying life, as he gets around really well. A bit cautious indoors, but get him outside and he will trot along on leash, even jumping in the air. He loves soft snow and will cavort around in it as much as his leash will allow. When I go downstairs in the morning, he is waiting for me with his tail wagging, looking forward to affection, which I am very happy to give him. When you talk to him, it seems he’s looking right at you.

I often take him to the park where he loves to meet new people. Hearing their voices close to him gets his tail wagging and approaching for some touch. He is able to win anyone over with his sweetness and he loves kids. He just ignores most other dogs, as long as they are slow and calm around him. Young, active dogs in his face can cause Tippy to tell them to back off, but he is never aggressive about it.

He is very good on leash and pays close attention to clues you give him. A slight movement of the leash lets him know to go right or left. He responds well to his name and relies mostly on his sense of smell to get around. He really enjoys exploring the world around him. He can find his treats in no time flat.

He is a real pleasure to have around and enriches our lives and anyone he comes in contact with. Tippy has a really sweet temperament and is quite a clever guy. He is a real inspiration with his bravery, patience and sweet disposition.

After seeing Tippy on our Available for Adoption for many months, Jennifer and Dave approached us to see how they could help him. They had considered adoption but were uncertain if Tippy would adjust to not only a new home but to having two other dogs, Pistol and Rivo, in that home with him. When we agreed that moving him was not the best option for him, they suggested that they sponsor his care, paying for his regular upkeep, along with any future vet care that he may require.

Due to the generosity of Jennifer and Dave, Tippy will stay in the loving care of long time foster mom Lorraine on a permanent basis. On behalf of all of us at NSGA, thank you Lorraine, Jennifer, Dave, Rivo and Pistol for your commitment to Tippy. Your support is so greytly appreciated.